Chinese Interagency Network of Greater Toronto is an umbrella organization of 33 social and health service agencies. Its member agencies provide a wide range of vital services to the Chinese Canadian education, advocacy, physical and mental health services, English language and citizenship classes, family counseling, employment service legal services.

CIN began operation in 1984 and was incorporated in August 1991 with the following objectives:

  • Building a coalition of social service agencies serving the Chinese-speaking communities in Greater Toronto and other areas of Ontario;
  • Coordinating the delivery of services to the Chinese-speaking community;
  • Advocating for better funding, services and policies for the benefit of the of the Network's member agencies and for the benefit of the Chinese-speaking community in general;
  • Training staff, developing volunteer programs, sharing information, needs and gaps, coordinating program planning and developing strategies with respect to serving the Chinese-speaking community;
  • Educating and informing the public about the needs and concerns of the Chinese-speaking community